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Charlie The Juggling Clown

Creating Happy Memories that Last a Lifetime


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Recommended Reading

Behind My Greasepaint by Coco

Bert Williams - A Biography of the Pioneer Black Comedian by Eric Ledell Smith

The Book Of Clown by George Speaght

Bring On The Clowns by Beryl Hugil

Clown, My Life In Tatters and Smiles by Emmett Kelly and F. Beverly Kelly

The Clown In Times (Volumes 1-6) by Bruce Johnson

Clowns by Douglas Newton

Clowns by John Towsen

Clowns Of The Hope - Tradition Keepers and Delight Makers by Barton Wright

Dan Rice The Most Famous Man You've Never Heard Of by David Carlyon

Felix Adler by Anne Aull Bowber

The Fool and His Scepter by William Willeford

Fools and Jesters At The English Court by John Southworth

Greasepaint Matadors - The Unsung Heroes of Rodeo by Jeanne Joy Hatnagle-Taylor

Grimaldi - King of Clowns by Richard Findlater

Grock - King of Clowns by Grock

Here Come The Clowns by Lowell Swortzell

Jest In Time: A Clown Chronology by Bruce Johnson

Life's A Lark by Grock

A Ring, A Horse And A Clown by John H. McConnell

Russian Clown by Oleg Popov


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