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The Creativity For Entertainers Trilogy

Written and Illustrated by 

Bruce "Charlie" Johnson


“Bruce ‘Charlie’ Johnson understands the business of comedy entertainment.  Better yet, he knows how to share his knowledge in a wonderfully effective manner.  His volumes on Creativity For Entertainers are an immensely valuable resource for anyone who wants to give the gifts of laughter and wonder to an audience.  To those who are students of clowning, comedy magic, and variety performance, this work is destined to become a classic text.  In my opinion, it is the best material ever put into print for clowns and comedy entertainers.”  -- Duane Laflin


Wow, wow, wow, what an awesome trilogy.  Finally, a series of books that says it all.  Knowing the wealth of information it contains is very exciting.  I can’t just glance through it.  You have sucked me right into the book.  I look forward to reading it every time.  Each page offers so much information.  I love all the quotes throughout the books.  I kid you not when I say that this trilogy will be the best set of books on the market for comedy entertainers.  It will be number one on my recommendation list.  Bruce, what you have done in this trilogy is to provide the ingredients for artists, whether they are beginners or seasoned performers, whether they entertain, write or teach.  You have given us the tools to grow.” -- Angel Ocasio, Comedifest Director

        "A lot of entertainers today are NOT very creative.  They do programs-in-a-box without even changing the program title.  Now, at last, you CAN learn to be more creative & original!  This trilogy of books can show you how to generate more ideas and turn them into reality!  I’m actually in the process of reading these books a second time!  They are that good!  You WILL NOT be disappointed!

Creativity For Entertainers Volume One Cover 

         "Volume 1  Yes, you CAN be creative!  This book guides you through an explanation of the creative process so you can learn to use it more effectively.

         "Learn to write your OWN material so it expresses your unique personality.  Reading this book will help you generate new ideas and then turn those ideas into reality.

         "Find the answers to such questions as: What is Creativity?  Why Should I Be Creative?  And more!  Companies spend hundreds of dollars each year to learn to be more creative.  Won’t you spend $26.00 to learn?

Creativity For Entertainers Volume Two Cover

         "Volume 2  This book is filled with tools that will inspire both a greater number of ideas and a wider variety of ideas.  Topics include Ask Questions, Brainstorming, Mind Mapping, Reading , Play, Improv and much more!  I found this book to be fascinating reading.  Bruce is an exceptional writer.

Creativity For Entertainers Volume Three Cover

         "Volume 3  I’m even mentioned on page 315.  This is an amazing book filled with wonderful ideas!  Here in one book are tons of actual routines and the thinking behind them.  This book brings into focus the thinking and ideas laid out by the two earlier books.

         "Rating 10+  These books should be in EVERY performer’s library!"  

-- John Cooper, KIDabra Journal

Resource Review

            Creativity For Entertainers Volume One by Bruce “Charlie” Johnson

            Are you creative?  Do you want to be more creative?  This 280 page book by Bruce “Charlie” Johnson will give you ideas and exercises for entertainers (magicians, clowns, puppeteers) to become more creative.

           This book has 21 chapters and includes a review, glossary, bibliography and index.  The book includes chapters on different types of creativity and how they apply to the field of entertainment.

            There are many great sections of this book.  One had a creativity exercise followed by a discussion of the “Break-Away-Wand” and how you could change it to other props. His creative ideas include a “Break-Away-Pencil” and a “Break-Away-Juggling Club.”

            Our favorite part of the book was on page 100 when we read the section on adding safety messages to routines.  The author used S.M.I.L.E. as the example.  Thank you Bruce!

            There are two more volumes in this trilogy that you should check out.

            This is a good book that will spark your imagination.  On our scale of 1-5 smiles, we give Creativity For Entertainers 4-3/4 smiles.


Put A S.M.I.L.E. On Your Face published by S.M.I.L.E. (Safety Magic In Law Enforcement) October 2006


“When Bruce ‘Charlie’ Johnson takes on a subject you know it will be well researched, clearly written and filled with fascinating anecdotes to keep it interesting.  In the book Creativity For Entertainers Volume One, he takes on a subject that is dear to his heart and something that he is an expert at himself.  This book is part one of a trilogy that is an encyclopedic masterpiece on the topic of bringing out creativity for entertainers.  If you want to be a better entertainer, you need these books.  It’s a home study course that will make you think and discover ways to improve your performance.

“This book will help you explore the creative process and generate more and better ideas.  This will improve your programs and delight your audiences… If you are in doubt about your creative ability, you really need this book.  You will be delighted to discover how much creativity you have.  Of course if you are already a creative minded person, this book will really light your fire.

“You will discover so many techniques and ideas.  He discusses how to take your ideas from inspiration to the actual finished stage.  He gives good council on how to take risks and analyze your work.  He covers audience reactions and offers performance tips.

“Did I mention that I really like this book?  The great thing about this book is that it is a good read.  It is enjoyable, well written, and filled with lots of interesting stories from the world of entertainment.  Bruce expertly weaves these stories into his writing so that the points he is making come to life in a fascinating way.  It’s a fun way to learn.  Make an investment in yourself; study and grow from this book.  You, and your audience, will be glad you did.”

Norm Barnhart, Clowning Around published by the World Clown Association. January 2007  

"I personally have read these books and highly recommend them for the serious performers." 

-- Toby KID, Clown Newsletter

“Your books are perfect.  The insights with supportive examples are superb.  The delineation between the volumes was logical, as is the structure within each of them.  I really hope that people read all 3 volumes and don’t just buy volume 3 and do the routines verbatim.  I like how you encourage them to modify each routine to fit their style--and even give them a starting point to do just that.  I like how the volumes flow from the abstract to the concrete.  Understanding creativity is difficult, but I think I'm a little closer because of you.  Bruce, I've read a lot of books in the past few years (Fitzke, Tarbell, Nelms, Barry Mitchell, Ken Davis, etc.)…  I think Creativity for Entertainers will become a "classic" or "standard".  Every entertainer should read it.  I feel like I'm gushing, but my comments are sincere.  I'll continue to tell every entertainer I know to purchase these books.”  -- Greg Schuerman  

"You do a wonderful job of expressing your thoughts and also I'm impressed with your illustrations.  I am reading your book for the third time." -- Lillian Gustafson



"I have finished reading your three Creativity For Entertainers books.  I have been reviewing my notes.  I will read the books again this Fall.

"A quote form one of my favorite authors is 'What the words in a book say aren't as important as what they make you think.'  A friend of mine told me that even more important is what they make you do.  Your books do both.  Thank you for your help and your books."  -- Tom Tjarks


 "Readers will sharpen their creative abilities as a result of reading Bruce Johnson's Creativity for Entertainers Volume One - The Creative Process.  Bruce provides some sound theoretical underpinnings for what needs to take place when engaging in the creative process.  His references on the brain and the functions of each hemisphere are very sound.  Bruce presents a number of steps that can be followed in the creative process.  He describes each step, explains the role entertainers perform at each step, provides numerous examples to illustrate each step, and raises questions to get the reader thinking about each of the steps  He helps the reader to understand what it means to be an explorer, artist, judge, and warrior and how those roles promote creativity.  If the reader performs these roles, a creative entertainer will emerge."  -- Lee Mullally, U-W Clown Camp Assistant Director


“Bruce “Charlie” Johnson has written a very interesting and informative book (Creativity For Entertainers Volume One) aimed at helping entertainers achieve their potential as variety artists.  Circus Fans who attended the CFA 2005 Convention in Seattle , will attest to his entertainment ability as he kept the audience in stitches and amazement as he worked his routines to a packed house that evening.  Johnson’s writings form a complete course as he includes a variety of exercises to use as the reader progresses.  He encourages the reader to take notes and keep a journal.  On each page of the book, Johnson shows his knowledge and thoughts regarding the creative process and describes each step that should be taken to achieve these goals.  This is not only a book for those interested in clowning or variety arts, but many Circus Fans will enjoy Bruce’s approach to his ability to entertain.  Many of his thoughts can also relate to other fields of endeavor.”  -- Bob Goldsack  The White Tops

"Your book (Creativity For Entertainers Volume One) is so well-written and is chocked full of your goodness.  It will not only instruct, but it will convey a strong ethic to all those who read it.  That's how the best books are." -- Anne and Stan Willard



“Bruce Johnson has done it again!  He has been one of my favorite authors for comedy entertainers and has just released a new book (Creativity For Entertainers Volume Three) that is chock full of creative ideas, brain chargers, dynamite ideas and just fun stuff!  This book is mammoth!  You will give it a special place of priority on your bookshelf because you will visit it time and time again.  It will challenge you to use YOUR creative abilities to enhance your performances but will also give you dozens (yes I said DOZENS) of great and usable routines for lots of the stuff that's on your shelves and in your closets.  This book is a must if you are a clown or children and family entertainer.”  -- Dave Mitchell


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