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Bruce Johnson is the 2015 recipient of the World Clown Association Lifetime Achievement Award.

On February 18, 2012 Bruce Johnson was inducted into the Ministry Clown Hall of Fame.  The plaque that he was presented says, "Your teaching, mentoring, and performing has inspired clowns throughout the world."  Bruce is the second inductee into this Hall of Fame.  The inductee plaques will be permanently displayed in the Oasis Conference Center in Springfield, MO.

As Charlie the Juggling Clown, Bruce Johnson creates happy memories that last a lifetime by combining magic, juggling, plate spinning, trick cartoons, origami, pantomime, and audience interaction in his own unique performance style. He is particularly known for his rapport with people of all ages and his interaction with audience volunteers. His performances all reveal the heart of a clown. Whether performing for one child or thousands of adults, he strives to always present the best possible clown entertainment.

Charlie is truly a clown for children of all ages, including the grown up kind. Younger children respond to his gentleness. He earns the respect of older children, who have reached the age of skepticism, by demonstrating his skill. Adults in particular enjoy his skill and interaction with children. A common comment after one of his performances is, "I don't know who enjoyed him the most, the adults or the children." Charlie frequently entertains audiences composed entirely of adults using strictly clean material.

A clown since 1974, Bruce spent six seasons with outdoor circuses, and eleven years at the Raging Waters Amusement Park in San Dimas, CA. He was also a juggler for special events at Disneyland, including the grand opening of Toontown. 

He has represented the United States in international variety shows at clown conventions and festivals in North America, Europe, and Asia.  He has performed and lectured in Borneo, Canada, England, Japan, Malaysia, Scotland, Singapore, Sweden, and the United States.  He has performed thousands of hours of walkaround, circus, birthday party, banquet, and stage entertainment.

His peers recognize Bruce as an entertainment expert and historian. He is in frequent demand as an instructor at variety arts conferences. Every year from 1990 through 2010 he was on the staff of the world famous Clown Camp.  He joined the California Clown Campin' staff in 2011 and is the featured clown for their 2012 educational program. He was a senior columnist for Laugh-Makers Variety Arts Journal, and has had over 1000 articles published in various trade publications.  He was named the official World Clown Association Historian in 2009 and currently writes a column on the history of clowning for Clowning Around magazine.  Bruce wrote the highly acclaimed Comedy Techniques for Entertainers and the Creativity for Entertainers trilogy.  He will use his expertise to make your event a successful one that your guests will remember for many years to come.

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