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        Clown History

Bruce "Charlie" Johnson is internationally recognized as a clown historian and is the official World Clown Association Historian.

His presentation on the history of American clowning was one of only five papers chosen for the 1993 World Clown Congress in Harnosand, Sweden. 

Bruce's article titled Types of Clown Definitions (Exclusive and Inclusive) won second place in the 2010 World Clown Association Author Competition.  

If you have a question on clown history, you can contact Bruce at

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Types of Clown Definitions (Exclusive and Inclusive)

Philosophy and History

Multicultural Clowns

Native American Clowns

Clowns of South East Asia

Clowns in Christmas Celebrations

Philosophy and History

Early Female Clowns

Marie Dressler


Nat Wills

Charlie Chaplin's Little Tramp Centennial

Charlie Chaplin's Film The Circus

The Creation of Clarabell

Felix Adler

Bill Irwin

Jim Howle

Richard Snowberg

Rone and Gigi -- Open Sesame, Japan's Theatrical Clown Troupe

Meadowlark Lemon

Olympic Sports Clowns

Victor Borge

In Memory: Fred "Mombo" Petrick


The Banana Man


List of International Clown Hall Of Fame Inductees


Recommended Books 


Overview of Clown History from Ancent Pharoahs to Modern Times

ice skating clowns

Clowning in Discover Stars on Ice

Kurt Browning as Ragiddin the Clown

Wally Boag

To read more about clown history, check the publications by Bruce "Charlie" Johnson

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